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What the Head of the Liberatarian Party Told Me About RON PAUL AND His Politican Platform in 1999

(1) Mr Greg Rehmke told me in June 1999, he was the President of the Liberatarian Party located in Tarrytown New York. Unless he lied to me about his position he said he was their President. anyway. (Liberatarian Platform) (2) Notwithstanding, I swear to my readers, Mr Rehmke told me the following about the Liberatarian Political Platform because I was later asked by them (Liberatarian’s to RUN FOR A POLITICAL OFFICE IN THE STATE OF NEW JERSEY AND “THEY WOULD HOOK MY UP WITH A RUNNING MATE AND THEY WANTED ME TO BE A RUNNING MATE PARTNER ..” Because “I HAD A CATCHY NAME “STARR” THAT COULD GET THEM LOTS OF VOTES I declined because I told Mr Rehmke “I could not be a slave to two Master’s since I was an undergraduate student, I told them I may consider this after I graduate and they can call my back then.” But he said to me: “JILL , I WANT TO GET RID OF GOVERNMENT ALTOGETHER, AND I GETTING RID AND SHUTTING DOWN THE SOCIAL SECURITY BENEFIT SYSTEM WOULD BE MY STARTING POINT..FROM THERE, I WOULD CUT BACK AND CLOSE THE REST OF THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT COMPLETELY DOWN UNTIL THERE WAS NOTHING OF IT LEFT, INCLUDING THE POLICING SYSTEM!” I was so shocked to hear this! I never new then, what the Liberatarians like, Mr Ron Paul, really think. So I asked Mr Rehmke, “iF THERE WAS NO GOVERNMENT, WHO WOULD PROTECT US IF WE NEEDED TO CALL THE POLICE OR SOMETHING,”? AND HE REPLIED, “JILL, I DON’T KNOW WHAT I WOULD PUT IN PLACE OF THE GOVERNMENT SYSTEM, BUT I DO KNOW THAT I
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